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Dear Shiela, 

Received my delivery (three butterfly hair bows) today. They were packaged very carefully and are exactly as I had anticipated. Your quality and craftsmanship continue to be excellent. Thank you for your fine products! 


Marjorie Sahr

 Dear Sheila:

 I received the bows Saturday.

THANKS so much!

They are lovely.. Some years back I sent you some fabric and you made me some bows and they all came out really nice.  I ended up giving most of them away, because I was moving and did not want to move them and have them all mashed, so I gave them to Good Will. Thank you again!  My daughter has worn these before, but old ladies wear them too and since I am now in the category of being an "old lady" I find them so very easy to fix into my hair and voila! - no special hairdo - the bows make the hairdo - for just going out, for church, for shopping, visiting friends - they are great! 

If I mail you some fabric to get 4" bows made, will they all run the same price?  I notice that you can even put two of them together (one low on the back of the head and one higher up, just touching each other) and it looks like you are wearing a hat. (If they are the same color.)  Thanks for your time!


Thank you for the bows they came today. The yellow one with multicolored stripes is really beautiful == even prettier than its picture on the website. The colors of the red and green ones are very rich and deep. I will enjoy wearing all of them!

 Helen Cripe

Got the bows them.

I will be back xxx


The Bows you make are just the BEST!!! I have been collecting them for at least 5 years; they wear well, stay on my head just right, and they are made to last.
Plus, I love to come back and find your new additions. Thank you for offering such nice products. Carole


Sallie M.

The bows arrived and they are gorgeous! 
Thank you so much.
I see Mom tomorrow and I can't wait to see the look on her face.  giggle.

Warmest regards,  Jeannine


I received the bows yesterday.  They are perfect!  The "denim" bow looks great!

Thanks for everything,



Dear Shiela,

My bows came today and I am delighted with them size, color, fluffiness. The patriotic one is really beautiful and the aqua one is the exact shade of several things I own, and it blends well with turquoise. The only problem now is that I got my hair cut! I keep it fairly short in the winter but starting about February Ill begin letting it grow out so I can wear the bows all through the hot weather. Ill probably order more from time to time. I find that the butterfly clasps hold the hair firmly, with a minimum of escaping bits down the back of the neck. Thanks so much.

 Helen Cripe

Hi Sheila, just reveived your shipment and would like to let your know, your bows are  beautiful as always and the clips are PERFECT for my fine hair.

Thanks again,

Henny Deckmann

Shiela, just a brief note to let you know I received the bows ordered recently.  I find it hard to find this type and grateful for your website.  The bows are lovely.  Thanks again. 
Ciao, Mae Chauvin

I received by clip bows order and I am very pleased. A lady in the gym named Marie asked me for your web site. I purchased them from Amazon but was glad to get your card with my order. I love the clip bows because when I have a bad hair day I put my hair up and cover it with the clip bow.

I also want to add that I was impressed with the way it was packaged and it was not crushed. I am thinking of ordering the gold and metallic silver as I am a dancer in a active senior living community. I am a very satisfied customer & give you a 5 stars!

Linda Schuttler

I received the first bow and I must say that it is lovely.  It is big and full just like I like them. 

 Clara Summers

I have ordered from you in the past, you do a great job. I feel pretty when I wear your bows!   Thanks


I'm thrilled with my new bows.  Thank you! Thank you!  I'll be ordering more after the first of the year.  Thank you again!

Patty Disney


Thank you for the order - arrived safe and sound and I am very happy with them

Kind regards



Thank you for sending the bows.  We received them today.  They are beautiful!

Many blessings,

E Mercer

Hi Shiela---my bows arrived 3 or 4 days ago & they are simply fabulous!!!  I bought some from you in the past & they were so handy & lasted so long----these bows are sooo nice & I couldn't be happier with them.

They are just what I wanted & the size is perfect----fabric is beautiful :)   hope you can keep me in bows forever  !!! 

Thank you so much---I really appreciate your work & you are a jewel to work with----many thanks, Maryann Delance in Oregon City, Oregon

I love these bows. I receive so many compliments.  Sheila you are a jewel.  I do pray God prospers you well.  Thank you for a truly superior American product.

Deborah Smith

Hello, Sheila!  The package just arrived with the beautiful chiffon hair bows.  Thank you so much!  They are absolutely gorgeous; I can't wait to order more in many different colors!

As I explained when we talked last week,  I have searched in stores in vain for this product for years and years.  I have in the meantime been making do with a few bows and a few silk flower clips for a long long time -- trying to keep them looking decent.

I truly appreciate your handiwork; the bows are finely made as well as beautiful to look at.

And a special thank you for expediting their delivery.  I am looking forward to being able to wear them on my vacation that starts next week.

I will be ordering more when I get back!


Jeanne S

Just received my order and very happy with the bows. Will order more later.

Dianne Sprayberry

Hi Shiela,

Received my bows, they are beautiful and just in time for Easter. So colorful, reminds me of a spring garden. As usual the turnaround time from order to delivery was fast. Thank you so much for providing such a high quality product.

My beautician and the girl that does my pedicure/manicures always comment on how attractive the bows are. I will be doing more business with Ladiesway in the near future.

Sharon Anne Garcia

Hello Sheila,

Thank you for my wonderful order and the quality is unbelievable. I'm 66 years young and have been trying to find these for years. I have had one left that I got from somewhere 15 years ago and have never been able to find them until I found your wonderful site. I now have so many to choice from...

That you so much and I will follow your page for new designs. I have enclosed a few pics for you.

Love of best wishes from

Carol Evans Australia..

Hi Sheila, 

Just wanted to let you know my bows arrived today (both boxes) and again, I am very pleased.   Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job for me.   These should last me for awhile, but I'll view your web site from time to time and I'll let you know if there are others that I wish to purchase.   Right now, I have to allow my "kitty fund" to rebuild itself.  HA!    

Anytime you need someone to vouch for your good work, just let me know.    

Mrs. Hickenbotham
Pensacola, Florida

Dear Shiela

 I received the bows and wanted to let you know they are lovely. I appreciated the call from you about the bow that was out of stock in large, but you had one in a smaller size. Thank you very much for the personal touch in processing my order, and I will order more in the future. 

 Thanks again,

Helen Robertson

Hi, Sheila –

 I just received the extra large chiffon hair bow in the mail.   It is just perfect.  Exactly what I was looking for.  I will be ordering more soon.

 Thank you – Marcella Bradley

I absolutely love the last bows you sent.  The prints are a great match ti my wardrobe. Thank you for your creativity!

 Martha Martin

I just wanted to thank Ladiesway for my beautiful bows. I wear them every day and get so many compliments. They give me a very professional and polished look. I am finally to a point where I can now afford to add to my collection.   I'm so glad you have stayed in business. The bows are impeccably crafted. When things get better, I'll be able to purchase some jewelry but right now I am trying to get all my favorite bows first.  Please enclose 4 extra business cards for referrals. Thank you. Sharon Moss

Dear Shiela,

I just received my Butterfly Clip Bows. They are so beautiful and the colors are lovely. The picture in your ad is very nice but the actual bows are much nicer. Hand Made in the USA is very rare anymore. The workmanship of these clips certainly exceeded my expectations.

Your prompt mailing of the order was appreciated and the bows were packed so carefully that they unpacked without any wrinkles.

I definitely will be placing another order in the near future.

Thank you so very much for providing such a wonderful product.


Sharon Anne Garcia

Just received the bows and they are GORGEOUS!! Thank you so much.

Hi Sheila,

The bows arrived today, (Fri.), and they are perfect, the flatter clip that you suggested is the way to go. I flip my hair up and then tuck it under, so even thuogh it is fine, there are a lot of layers to clip.

Thank you so much, you are a godsend, I'll be back fo more.

Marla Menzies

The beautiful bows arrived today. Thank you so much for your quick delivery! I have enjoyed wearing the ones I ordered a few weeks ago and these are great, too. I have received many compliments on the bows.

Have a great day.

Thanks again!


I wanted to send you a message to say thank you very much for sending it as fast as you did. I just got it in the mail on July the 19 and they were just want I wanted. thank you Donna

Hi Shiela, 

The bows came today and they are perfect................

 Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Susan Reale

I just received my two bows. They are beautiful. They came so quickly, too. I love the patriotic one and plan to wear it to church this Sunday. Our handbell Choir is playing America the Beautiful and I direct so my back will be to the congregation and they will get to see my beautiful flag bow!!

Hi Shiela,

I received my order with the 4 inch butterfly clip and the french clip.  I was very happy and pleased.  It's perfect!  I will be placing another order in the near futrue.

 Thank you


Christine Williams

Rec'd the bows.....just gorgeous.   Thank you.


Just a note to say the Butterfly bows that you made for my sister were BEAUTIFUL.  Thank you so much, she loved them!


Brenda Fifick

Thank you!  I was so excited to find these bows.  I've looked and looked for them locally.  They just weren't to be found.  Bless you for making them!


Thank you!  I was so excited to find these bows.  I've looked and looked for them locally.  They just weren't to be found.  Bless you for making them!!

 Micki Madden

Good Evening Sheila,

Thank you very much for the beautiful hand made large french clip hair bows (Qty 3)!   

These   are the best french clip hair bows I've seen ever.  They arrived today in the mail just in time for my birthday which is this weekend,  Sunday January 15th.  My dad and step-mother ordered these as a birthday gift for me.

I'll definitely be ordering many more in the very near future.  These french clip hair bows are absolutely gorgeous!

Best Regards, 

Mrs. Katherine A. Andrade

Hello Sheila, I received my new hair bows today - just lovely! - many thanks-Roxanne


Yesterday I received my order of 5 butterfly clip hair bows and could not be more pleased. They are absolutely beautiful and are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for including your card with the package. I will keep it on file and I am sure I will order again.

 Linda K. Howard
Birmingham, Alabama

Thank you for the bow repair.  They are just like new!  Tickled to say the least- and there are others out there looking for you- my daughter told one already about your website, and I will, too.  Best to you, Gini


 I am a returning customer and love your butterfly bows, I am wearing my hair up again and needed more bows to go with my work outfits.  I have received so many compliments at work that I just recently gave your website to a dear co-worker.  Thanks, Brenda

Shiela, thank you so much for getting my bows to me.  They are perfect and I can assure you I will be ordering more.  Thank you again.  Dea Coakley

I received my bows yesterday and I absolutely love them.  I am so glad I found your site.   I have some material I am going to send to you to make several special ones and I will order some for the Holidays.  Again, Thank you.  Becky Yancey

You do beautiful work. I used to wear these type boys years ago and cant find them anywhere here anymore. I love the quality and the colors Ive purchased so far.  SO GLAD I FOUND YOU!

Wanda Crosier

Long Beach
, CA

Just wanted to let you know, I received my hair bows today.  They are beautiful!!!

I enjoyed talking to you the other day.    Have a wonderful weekend.

Sincerely,    Diane P Schlehofer

I received the bows today and I'm so happy!!!  I'm currently at work and wearing one of my new bows.  Thank you so much for such great customer service.  I also recommended you to my doctor who's wife also wears these type of bows in her hair too!!  He complimented my bow. 

 Take Care and God Bless,


Hi Shiela:

 Recived my bows today and you are as prompt as ever.  Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless, Jean

Hi Shelia,

The dark blue French hair clip arrived today.  I love it and you are right, it’s just perfect for the outfit I selected to wear for the rehearsal dinner.  The fabric on the bow is slightly darker blue then my outfit, but will compliment my outfit perfectly. 

Thank you so much for recommending it and for having it made for me.  I am a very satisfied customer that will recommend your company often. 


Andrea S.
Longwood, FL

Hi! I just found your webside and am so glad! I used to have very long hair & had many big bows in many colors. But I cut my hair very short some years ago, and gave away or sold most of my bows. Now, I'm letting it grow out again, and need more bows!   So, I'm tickled to death to find you!


Mickey S

The box arrived today and everything is beautiful!!!  Thank you so much.   My friend, Jo Anne is going to be thrilled.

Hi Shiela,
I just placed my order.  Your website is a Godsend!  I had breakfast with a dear friend yesterday who was lamenting the fact that she could no longer find the hairbows that she has worn for years.  JoAnne is the sweetest woman in the entire world and her birthday is March 7th.  The gift of your bows will be a wonderful surprise for her.
Thank you again!

Dear Shiela,


My replacement bows arrived yesterday and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your replacing them for me.  The bow are absolutely lovely...the size, workmanship, speedy shipping... I couldn't be more pleased.  Thank you so much!


Best Regards,

Lynette Shelton


I received the 7 hair bows I ordered and want to say how beautiful they are. .....


I received my package of bows last night and WOW!!  They are gorgeous!  Much more beautiful than I expected.  Your attention to detail is phenomenal.   I am very pleased and will definitely send you more fabrics in the near future. 

Thanks again,
Heidi B

I am so excited to find your web site.  I have been searching for along time for the butterfly clip hair bows and been unable to find them.  You have made my day!  I have let my hair grow out again and they are a must have! 

Thanks for making my day!  I was about ready to cut my hair off again.

Pat M

Sheila –Years ago, I wore my hair up and loved to accessorize with bows for a very put together look.  Unfortunately it’s been a long, long time since I have been able to find any bows.  I know Raejean and a couple of weeks ago when I saw her she had a beautiful turquoise  bow in her hair.  I couldn’t wait to talk to her and find out where she found it.  Did we ever have a great discussion!  Told me your website address and I couldn’t wait to see what was available.  There were so many choices, I had to look in the closet to see what would work best.  Before I placed my order had shown my mother your website – and she just had to have the patriotic, St Patrick’s Day and a multi colored styles.  I chose the multi black/gray and brown/beige.  Placed my order and was anxious to receive it.  The hair bows were much more than I expected them to be – very good construction and quality!   I will definitely be ordering again, once I check out the closet! 

Thanks y’all for providing us “northern” southern belles with beautiful bows!



I got my bows today and I totally love them, they are beautiful, I have never seen any like this in years and years.  Thank you so much and I will for sure be back.  Again thanks and hope you are having a great day.


pam t

Nacogdoches, Texas 75965


I'm so excited to have found your website!  A co-worker of mine wears your bows all of the time and her hair always looks so polished - and she raves about how easy it is.  We both have very naturally curly hair and it's sometimes tough to make it look styled.  I'm thrilled to be ordering some bows of my own!

Hi,   Received the hairclips yesterday.  I love them!  Thanks for such nice service.   I appreciate your calling regarding my mailing address.  That was very nice of you.


Thanks again,  Beatrice

Thanks!   Everyone comments nicely on my bows!  my answer to the forgotten nurse cap!   haha......have a super day! God bless your lovely business.



I got my ring today, Just wanted to let you know and tell you I appreciate your sending it. It fits and I really love it. Thanks!! Hope to see you next year at the Festival.   Sincerely, Betty

WOW! I am so happy with these bows!  just exactly what i wanted and even better and fuller!  you will be seeing my orders in the future!  everyone at work noticed, even my mother says it looks elegant and you are just going to work!   hahaha....did i read that if i find a fabric i like you can possibly make one from that as well?  I would like some short velvet like ones as well for dress.  i love the chiffons though.  Thanks a milllion.  I like the looks of your fabric earrings as well.  for me thats a nice look for work, too.  Thanks.


Tracie T. from Canton, Mississippi writes..."These are great looking! We wear these on golf hats and they are wonderful! Thanks"

Shiela:Just received the bows today and the wife just loved them.  She had some older bows and was in need of some different colors but could not remember where she bought the bows she had.  The first thing she said was BOOKMARK THAT WEBSITE. Thanks again

Jack Botterbusch 


Hi Shiela!----the bows just arrived!---they are beautiful!!!---can't wait to get to the beauty shop tomorrow & get them put in my hair---Cindi, my hairdresser, will flip-out because they are so pretty & of such good quality---you do beautiful work making them---the poms are my favorites---hope they go in well for us---they should---thanks for your prompt service & the careful packing ---they arrived in perfect shape---the "girls" are going to think the bows are amazing---thank you so much----I'll let you know how it all comes out tomorrow----Maryann


Hello Sheila,

     I just wanted you to know I received my order.  Your bows are extraordinary.  Let me know when you get the silver in and I will order one in a jaw clip.  I love  the red one it is so full.   Will be in touch.   May you be blessed for the the work you do.

In His Name,


Hi Sheila,


Just got the Bows - many many thanks - they are lovely - I really appreciate all of your assistance. / Sandy



I received my beautiful bows today.  They are just lovely!  In fact I  am wearing the butterfly clip bow.  I put it on within minutes of receiving it.  

Thank you,


Thanks Shiela.  Look forward to my order and maybe I will be able to purchase some extras from you in the future and sell them out here.  Your work is the best and I just love your hairbows.


I received the two beautiful dark green and brilliant purple bows earlier this week.  I wore the purple bow yesterday and got lots of compliments on it.  I will ship back the other two bows today (Saturday) as it is the only time I have to get to the post office since I work all week.  I am very happy with your beautiful work.  Thanks so very much.   I ‘m sure I will order from you again.

Have   a good weekend.

Best regards,


Hello Sheila,

     I just wanted you to know I received my order.  Your bows are extraordinary.  Let me know when you get the silver in and I will order one in a jaw clip.  I love  the red one it is so full.   Will be in touch.   May you be blessed for the the work you do.

In His Name,

Adrienne Urbanski


I just wanted to say "Thank You" for your good service on my past order.

Wishing all of you the Happiest of Holidays and a wonderful New Year.

John Konzal


Praise the Lord!  You folks are the only ones I could find that made bows for ladies that were the style my wife likes.  I will give you a call.

Thank you very much Ma'am.

Kurt Smith

Thank you for the bows, I got them yesterday and I love them.

- jean
  scranton, pa


Lynne in Norman, OK

I love the bows I purchased previously from you, and am ordering some more.  Many of my friends have commented how pretty they are!


Allyson in Ann Arbor writes:

Bows arrived & are great, exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you!  And thank you for your excellent customer care, calling to clarify order size was what I intended. I'm sure I will order again from you & would highly recommend your business.

Brenda from Florida writes:

You keep making them and I'll keep buying them!
I get great compliments on them all. Thanks.

Years ago I purchased a beaded shawl collar at a Victorian shop in Cape May New Jersey---I just loved it!

I lent it out to someone for a formal event they were attending and you know how it goes---I never got it back.


The other evening I did an internet search for beaded shawl collars and your site came up---I ordered the beaded collar and it arrived today!  It is outstanding and I am so pleased with it!!!!  The photo does not due it justice.  We have a black tie affair on June 21st and I have a camel lace gown and I'm going to use the beaded collar on it---it is truly magnificent.


Thanks so much and you ought to get more of this type of collar because it is a work of art!!!.




shavertown, pa.


Hi Shiela,


Wanted to thank you so very much for making the BEAUTIFUL BOWS!   I just love them and so appreciate your hard work!

They got here yesterday mid morning and then I was on the Fly.. LOL


Nearly ready to go and have all I need now thanks to you...  I will show all the bows off on my trip and send any who ask where I got them to YOU!


Thank you again,


God Bless,






Wendy frim KY writes:  

These are great and have been so hard to find.  You have a wonderful variety!!!

Thank you!!!

Sherry writes:

I love my bows!

You nailed it.  I have purses to match and I will be wearing them in Vegas Baby Vegas this weekend.
It's my Birthday weekend.  I will be sending more things down the road.

 I am thrilled.  You cant buy something like this ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been everywhere from little boutiques to Beverly Hills...

 Nuala from Illinois writes:

The order just arrived and I want to let you know how delighted I am!  The
bows arrived fluffy and not squashed, which I was afraid of - they are
perfect, well made and beautiful - thanks so much!


 I just received 3 bows I ordered from your sight.  I just wanted to say that they are perfect. I am a nurse and wear them to work. Yesterday, had 2 other nurses ask me about the beautiful bow I was wearing and where I got them.  maybe, you will get more orders from them--am sure I will order more in the future--I love the huge bows and just wanted to let you know.  Thank you--Pam in Georgia

Sheila...wanted to let you know I received my bow clips and they are just beautiful.  Thank you so much.  I will buy more material as time goes on.  If so I will email you and send the material along to you.  Again, thank you.  Your work is wonderful.

Cheri Lincoln

Hi Sheila:  I got the bows today.  They are just PERFECT.

Thanks for the quick service.  I'm sure you will be hearing

from me soon,



I just wanted to let you know that the order came thru just fine and the bows are beautiful.   Thank you very much and I will definitely be ordering again.  Martha

Hi Shiela,

The Hair Bows I received from you today are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I love them. The fabric is perfect, the colors are perfect, and the bows are just the right size.

I’m so glad I found you!!!!

Have a great day!

All best,






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