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Ladies'way Fashion Accessories offers exceptional hand made scarves with matching scarf clips and earrings.   Below you will find samples of  fabric, round scarf clip, bow (can be used for scarf clip or hair bow) and matching earrings. 

 Our scarf sets are made from 100% polyester unless otherwise noted.  These are washable and dryable.  The scarves measure 13 x 45 inches, the bows measure aproximately 5 inches.  The matching scarf clip measures 2 inches and the earrings measure 1 inch.

Visit our page on How to Use Scarf ClipsShipped with each order.




Description:  12" x 45" - 
red, black, mauve, grey - chiffon
click on image to see fabric detail

Scarf Set - #SS00380

Price: $21.95

SS00388.jpg (21409 bytes)

Description:  12" x 45" - 
pink hearts on navy background - chiffon
click on image to see fabric detail

Scarf Set - #SS00388

Price: $21.95

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